Ryan Reed – Progress Update – 5/20 – 5/26

Total Time Logged: 10 hours



  • Bug Fixing – 7 hours

There were still some bugs in the zone progression code and Hangar UI which I was able to fix. I ended up creating an invisible button which is used to pan around the mech instead of the script which I had written previously. This prevents the behavior where clicking a UI button and dragging the mouse causes the Hangar camera to move. Also, I isolated the bug which occasionally allowed players to exit a zone before destroying the last portal. Finally, I removed the ability for a player to activate the next zone by shooting a rocket into it.



  • Level Design Development – 2 hours
  • Discussion/Practice – 1 hour

We decided last week that, because of our short time and the fact that Bren and I have the smallest speaking parts in our presentation, I would do a small section of our presentation about the evolution of our level’s design. To illustrate this, I put together a small slideshow of the major changes our level has gone through since we started working on Mechination.

Zachary Wilcox – Progress Update – 5/20 – 2/26

Total Hours Logged: 10 hours

This week I was under the weather so i got less done than intended, however we did still make significant progress.

Presentation/Trailer: 5 hours

Reworked trailer shot list, and started gathering footage

Game Dev: 5 hours

I sat down with Tucker and we made a few adjustments to the current build of the game in order to make the trailer as visually pleasing as possible, i.e. texture work, foliage placement, fog and camera effect adjustment, and gun particles.

Team Post – Progress Update – 5/20-5/26

This week, the game made major strides towards completion, with only minor tweaks remaining. New effects and visual techniques were added, as well as the inclusion of our final modeled weapon, the plasma gun. The gun still needs to be appropriately balanced against the other weapons, but no major changes are necessary at the moment.

On Monday, the trailer will be filmed and edited, as well as all other materials, which will bring the presentation to a complete stage, with the exception of revisions after our rehearsal on Tuesday.

Big Clamps


Friday – Brian, Bren, Ryan, Tucker (Zach absent due to sickness) – 4-5 Hours

Work session and project merging.

Tucker Abbott – Progress Update – 5/20-5/26

Total Time Logged: 17 Hours

This week, I had a variety of tasks to bring the game to a more polished and final stage moving forward into the Senior Show. The changes and notes are listed below:

  • Enemies are now all destroyed at the end of the game when the player is killed.
  • UI fixes that fixed the border lines and visibility issues on the old in-game UI. (Screenshots to be uploaded on Monday, 5/28)
  • In testing, there were issues with the readability of the ammunition numbers. The two numbers never really read clearly, and people did not know easily what weapons they had equipped. Now, the lower number has been replaced with the name of the active weapon, and icons are now placed next to the current ammunition amount to indicate that the number is representative of the shots left in your weapon.
  • When mechs step in the water, there is a splash particle effect to signify that the mech is actually beneath the water surface.
  • A pause menu has been implemented that lets the user resume their game, return to the main menu, view the game controls (controls screen has yet to be created), and exit the application.
  • Mechs now leave footprints behind them while walking on every surface except water.
  • The FX used for dashing now aim opposite the direction that the player dashes.
  • When certain guns fire, they now leave behind a small cloud of smoke to add more visual interest to the game.
  • The rocket weapons now emit their own explosions and sound effects if they miss.
  • When the player loses their shield, there is an effect placed over their mech to signal to the user that they no longer have any shield remaining.
  • I did a pass over the terrain textures and environment textures through CrazyBump (third-party application) that created better normal maps and enhanced diffuse maps within our environment. (Before/After screenshots to be taken on Monday)
  • Camera FX added to tighten up the game visuals. FX inclde: Better anti-aliasing, global fog, bloom and lens flare addition/tweaking). This greatly improved the look of the explosions and mech specular hits.
  • All the mech legs now have sound effects and footprint decals implemented, whereas last week only the medium legs were fully realized.
  • When damaged, the screen flashes weird and fades out quickly. The video we created last week did not playback at a good framerate without drastically hurting performance, so instead I used a solid white color to flash over the screen temporarily, which provides a similar effect to the video we created.

Bren King – Progress Update – 5/20 – 5/26

Total Hours: 20

This week I worked on getting the Hangar working on Android devices. The process was a bit difficult and I needed the help of Jay to get the correct SDKs installed on one of the lab computers. I also cleaned up the camera motion for the environment flythrough so it no longer clips the aqueduct. I also cleaned up the architecture flythrough camera. Zach and I worked on the trailer as well as made small design changes and tweaks throughout the week.

Before the show I would like to get Hangar working on IOS devices.

Brian Gitlin – Progress Update – 5/20-5/26

Total Hours Logged: 22 Hours
Monday: 8 Hours
-Presentation and Unity Work
Tuesday: 7 Hours
-Unity work: General Game Discussion, update/resivion of task list, particle tweaking and optimization, weapon and mech balancing, upgrade system research
Wednesday: 1 Hour
-General game discussion
Thursday: 6 Hours
-tweaking of gameplay elements specifically the camera effects, textures, particles, portals, waves, and weapon stats, creation of plasma weapon, flowing water particles, a lot of testing, debugging such as score multiplier, updating and tweaking of sound effects, assisting with UI scaling tweaks to make the hangar work on mobile devices, logo tweaks and planning of final week schedule.